Georgia Dermatopathology Associates

Support Staff

Janet J. Wicker, Director of Office ManagementDirector of Office Management Janet J. Wicker is a Wyoming native with over twenty five years of medical office administration experience in the Atlanta area. She is responsible for all post-diagnostic reporting, host planning for our laboratory visitors and implementation of office technologic innovations.

Rosemond L. Asamoah, Office Management AssociateOffice Management Associate Rosemond L. Asamoah is a native of Ghana, who has recently earned her master's degree in Human Resources from Georgia State University. Rosemond has been an office management associate since October, 2004 and works diligently in both direct client care and Dermatopathology case records management. Rosemond's pleasant personality and strong work ethic have earned her the admiration and respect of everyone at Georgia Dermatopathology.

Jonathan S. Jones, HT (ASCP), Director of HistotechnologJonathan S. Jones, HT (ASCP), our Director of Histotechnology, is a fourth-generation Atlantan. He was trained at Saint Joseph's Medical Center and has more than 10 years of clinical dermatology and hospital laboratory experience. He brings extensive expertise to the workplace in creating high-definition dermatopathology Gill 3/Eosin Y H&E microscopic slides, as well as both classic special stains and immunohistochemistry special stains. Jonathan is responsible for all laboratory purchasing and in-house equipment maintenance.

Lynn K. Nabers, HT, HTL (ASCP), Instructor & Histotechnology AssociateAtlanta native Lynn K. Nabers, HT, HTL (ASCP) joined our practice as a consultant, instructor and Histotechnology Associate in February, 2006. Lynn is a former instructor at the Saint Joseph's Hospital School of Histotechnology in Atlanta, and has over thirty years of experience in her field, as well as a talent for and interest in the teaching of histotechnology. Georgia Dermatopathology is honored to benefit from her expertise and experience in these areas. Lynn has been honored as Georgia Histotechnologist of the Year 2007 by the Georgia Society of Histotechnology, and as First Runner-up National Histotechnologist of the Year 2009 by the National Society of Histotechnology.

Georgia Dermatopathology AssociatesGeorgia Dermatopathology Associates pause in the office for our most recent group photograph in June, 2007. Top row, left to right, Dermatoimmunologist and Research Scientist Ana Maria Abreu Velez, Office Manager Janet Wicker, Histotechnologist Jonathan Jones, Office Manager Rosemond Asamoah, and Histotechnologist Lynn Nabers; bottom row, left to right, Dermatopathologist Michael Howard, and Histotechnologist Glenda Washington.

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