Georgia Dermatopathology Associates

Our Practice

At Georgia Dermatopathology Associates, prompt service is as important as accurate diagnostic work. Report delays affect our patients' lives as well as the efficiency and workflow within our client offices. We pride ourselves on service that is consistently accurate, fast and courteous.

As a board-certified, independent laboratory, Georgia Dermatopathology Associates provides complete diagnostic and consultative expertise for an array of conditions, including:

  • Melanocytic and other pigmented lesions
  • Non-melanoma skin cancers
  • All skin rashes, including infectious diseases
  • Blistering disorder
  • Hair loss/alopecia disorders
  • Cutaneous deposition and connective tissue disorders
  • Diseases of the nails
  • Opthalmologic and oral pathology

To learn more about our philosophy, download Dr. Abreu's teaching and research statement.

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