Georgia Dermatopathology Associates

Technology on Demand: Hypercharts

Georgia Dermatopathology clients can track their pathology reports free from any online location, anytime of day or night, via Technology on Demand's secure server. This fully HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly system interfaces wirelessly and securely with the Palm™ Pilot VII PDA.

The Georgia Dermatopathology offices feature the latest technology and tools to keep our data save and secure.

Potential clients may preview the Hypercharts system free of charge—simply go to, then type in "demo" as the user name and "demo" as the password. Clients may arrange to have an individual, secure user name and password created for them by Dr. Howard.

Clients needing technical assistance tracking reports may call the Hypercharts support office toll-free at 1-888-882-1400 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Eastern time.

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