Georgia Dermatopathology Associates

Facility Tour

Darden Research BuildingLocated in the Darden Research Building in the Emory University Village, our state-of-the-art facility is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Recent renovations—such as new furniture, fixtures and lighting—have greatly improved our workflow and efficiency. Our clients and colleagues appreciate the comfortable yet practical workspace.

Dr. Howard & Multihead MicroscopeDr. Howard reviews cases at the multiheaded microscope in our conference room/library.

MicroscopeFresh Dermatopathology case slides await histotechnology quality assurance review at the multiheaded microscope.

Janet Wicker, Director of Office ManagementJanet Wicker, our director of office management, assists multiple clients daily with their patient reports.

Jonathan Jones, Director of HistotechnologyJonathan Jones, our director of histotechnology, creates excellent microscopic slide sections in the laboratory.

Downstairs Conference RoomDr. Howard leading a group discussion in our downstairs Conference Room.

central laboratory areaOur central laboratory area honors both our professional colleagues and our laboratory achievements.

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