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Here's why our clients choose Georgia Dermatopathology Associates for all their diagnostic and consultative needs:

Flexible, Accessible Service

What are the advantages of utilizing an independent dermatopathology laboratory that is not directly associated with a university, national corporation or clinical practice? Direct accountability of the laboratory to our patients and clients, the elimination of organizational inefficiency and a sole, concentrated focus on the practice of dermatopathology.

Our toll-free 24/7 telephone line provides direct accessibility for our patients and clients, ensuring that questions, concerns or special requests are addressed without delay. This line is answered personally by Dr. Howard at all times. Georgia Dermatopathology offers secure online reporting around the clock, and we review our email every weekday morning.

Clients and patients may call ahead to arrange a time to view their case slides together via our Multiheaded Group Microscope. After-hours or weekend viewing may be arranged, as well.

Diagnostic Integrity

Georgia Dermatopathology is well qualified to provide peerless diagnostic and consultation services. We enjoy unrestricted certification by both the Federal CLIA program and the Georgia Department of Human Resources. We participate in the American Society of Dermatopathology's Annual Diagnostic Quality Assurance Program, and the vast educational resources of Emory University Medical Center are available adjacent to the laboratory.

Dermatopathologic diagnoses are facilitated by the correlation of clinical and histologic images. We encourage our clients to send us color digital photographs of clinical lesions via email. Please contact Dr. Howard for more information regarding this process.

Quick, Accurate Processing

Georgia Dermatopathology provides around-the-clock in-house processing of all tissue cases—resulting in consistently high specimen integrity and slide quality, and fast turnaround time. Our tissue-processing techniques parallel those at other large, private-practice dermatopathology laboratories, applying continuous Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement to our techniques. Consistent with or exceeding CAP/ASCP recommendations, our reports are permanently retained onsite in electronic form, and our slides and paraffin blocks are retained for 10 years.

Depending on the nature of each case and the client's location, report turnaround time typically varies from one to three days.

Free Shipping and Supplies

Georgia Dermatopathology clients have access to free Dermatopathology Requisition and Dermatoimmunology Requisition forms (pdf download), laboratory supplies and shipping. For clients in metropolitan Atlanta's Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties, we offer free courier service. Client offices outside these counties may utilize UPS Next Day Air Saver Service at our expense. Please contact our office for details and the best arrangement to serve your practice needs.

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